29 and feeling fine..

…or am I?

Well, it’s that time of year where I get to celebrate another year around the sun. How does it feel to get another year older? another year wiser? another year of experiencing more grace and forgiveness? another year of learning who I am?

It’s hard to articulate this experience we call life. Most days are hard. Most days are challenging. Most days are amazing. Most days are full of grace. Most days are a gift that a lot of people don’t get.

I find myself complaining a lot about how I wish things were better; or how I wish I was richer or better looking. But the fact that I am able to celebrate another birthday here on earth with my family and friends is a blessing. I am SO blessed to be able to wake up and have a job to go to; to wake up and be able to workout everyday; to wake up and make sure my friends and family feel appreciated and loved.

Being an adult is hard. It comes with bills, pain, suffering, heartache, disappointment, and responsibilities. Being an adult is also a miracle. It is full of love, adventure, promotions, growth, and fun. Life is what you make it, and this year I am going to make it AMAZING.

So here are 29 intentions for the year 29.

  1. Every negative thought should be replaced with 3 positive thoughts.
  2. Travel at least 3 times.
  3. Read at least 2 books.
  4. Experience the peace that happiness brings.
  5. Tell my family I love them every time I talk with them.
  6. Be more intentional about complimenting others.
  7. Sleep if I’m tired.
  8. Get certifications for work.
  9. Find new music.
  10. Meditate more.
  11. Make going to church every Sunday a priority.
  12. Save more money.
  13. Be more intentional with giving grace.
  14. Pray every single day.
  15. Volunteer in the community.
  16. Be more selective with who I give my time to.
  17. Be more willing to embrace change.
  18. Treat my body with love.
  19. Continue to set personal records at OTF.
  20. Explore new places (via kayaks).
  21. Cuss less.
  22. Drink less.
  23. Run more.
  24. Do more community education about heart disease.
  25. Find a new hobby.
  26. Learn to walk away when I need to.
  27. Continue to explore who I really am.
  28. Practice mindful and balanced eating.
  29. Practice unconditional self love.

I am thankful for each and every person who has been a part of my life to this very day. You have each given me hope and love, and I am so grateful for that.

xoxo, chels

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