A letter to my Mimi

Hey Mimi,

I cant honestly believe it has been two years since you died. The time has flown by, and missing you hasn’t gotten easier. I wish you were here to see how much has changed! I got a new dog. His name is cane! Me and bella love him so much! I know you were never a dog person, but i really think you would like him! Im almost done with grad school! In less than 6 weeks I will officially be done! I wish you were here to celebrate with us! School has been hard, but you know me, so you know Im getting bye! Popsey is doing good. He is staying busy around the house, and sometimes hangs out with y’alls neighbor, but he sure does miss you! Josh is engaged, mimi! Can you believe it?! He is engaged to the love of his life. Kelly is her name, and she has a 5 year old daughter named Hailey. Hailey is a fire cracker, but i know you would love her! I wish you were going to be here for their wedding, but i know you’ll be watching from heaven. Paige is getting so big! We get to see her the week of christmas, which cant come soon enough! When we talk about you, she calls you her angel; it is so sweet! Dad is doing good too! He is counting down the days until he can retire. And you know him, he is always staying busy around the house, doing endless work! Mom is good too. She misses you all the time. She is finally happy to have her house back in order since all the family gone! She misses going yard saleing with you though. Janne is good too. She still has her struggles, so make sure you send some extra angels her way. She had to put Gabby down, because she was sick. I forgot to tell you i bought a new house back in January! I cant believe ive been here almost a year. I live less than a mile away from mom and dad! I really miss you mimi. Its hard because we just got you and popsey down to charleston, and then stupid cancer had to take you away. I hate cancer. I hate it so much. You didnt deserve to have cancer. But ill never forget how strong you were! I hope you know how much you were loved here on earth, and how proud we all were of everything you accomplished. I listen to some voicemails i have with your voice on them every once in a while just to smile. It has been a tough day, but i can still smile, because on this day two years ago, you got to run into the gates of heaven right into the arms of Jesus. Your suffering and pain were no more, and you didnt let cancer win! I love you mimi. Forever and always, my queen!



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