just a single girl, living in a taken world

Hey there, its been a while. Ive been busy with grad school, working, and playing with my dogs. Yes i said dogs. I got Bella a brother! His name is Cane, and me and Bella absolutely love him! I am 6 weeks away from finishing grad school! I cant even begin to describe my excitement 😬 

So anyway, I’ve been struggling a lot lately with the pressure of being a single twenty something year old. Since when did marriage have a timeline? Historically speaking, people were married a lot of younger back in the day, but it’s the 21st century people. Why do more mature adults (i.e. anyone over 40) feel it’s necessary that i be in a relationship or should already have kids by now? I am a princess of the King; i am waiting for the right man to come into my life that God has planned for me. Maybe i am not ready physically, emotionally, or spiritually? Maybe i am focused on growing in my relationship with myself before i get in a relationship with someone else? Maybe, just maybe, i dont want to get married? Our society needs to remove the ugly stigma that if you are in your twenties that you should be getting married and starting your family. 

Dont get me wrong though. I have dated, and failed. I have had nights where i would love to be snuggled up to someone i love talking about life and personal struggles. I have had days where i would die to get a text from a cute guy saying “hey babe, just thinkin about ya”. BUTTTTT that doesnt mean im going to settle. I will not sacrifice my hard work, my passion, my dedication, my love, my loyalty, or my vulnerabilities just so I can be in a relationship. I am a strong, intelligent, and worthy woman who is loved not only by her family and friends, but by the Savior of the universe. I do NOT apologize for being single. I do NOT apologize for being successful. And i do NOT apologize for not settling. 

Ladies, i know there is something enticing about being in a relationship, but dont do it if you arent ready, or you dont feel like its right. You are beautiful, worthy, smart, funny, captivating, precious, and loved. Stand strong!

Stay beautiful! Xoxo


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