what you should be doing for the people you care about.

     How on earth is it Friday again? I thought last year flew by… well this year is right there with it. I can’t complain because big things are happening, but it’s scary to think I close my eyes one day, and the next day I open them and it’s a month later.😳

     I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed lately; like a lot. I’ve been really strong in my faith, praying diligently, studying in the Word, but satan is fighting so hard against me.

Well, all this stress, anxiety, and worrying has laid some things on my heart that I want to share with you guys.

1) Pray for them. There is SO MUCH power in prayer. It doesn’t have to be specific or long and drawn out. Just pray that the Lord helps take care of them in whatever situation they may be going through.
2) Encourage them. Every once in a while send them a bible verse, or inspirational quote via text or e-mail. You wouldn’t believe how God will help you pick the right thing to say, that that person needs to read at that moment.
3) Be honest with them. It’s so easy to hide parts of our lives where we are struggling, or where we are succeeding. Make sure you share the highs and the lows with the people you care about, because most likely they want to know what’s going on!
4) Share a meal with them every once in a while. It’s amazing to me how much is shared over a slice of pizza, or a steak dinner, or a box of donuts. Even if you’re just shootin sh*t with that person, you’ll feel so much joy when you leave; trust me.
5) Challenge them. Stop being that friend (or family member) that looks past that person when they’re struggling. Stop being that person that brushes off their mistakes casually. Stop being that person that accepts failure in someone you know can achieve success. Don’t let someone you care about be lazy and complacent when you know they can work hard and achieve things that matter. Challenge them and be diligent in holding them accountable. Be the person that someone looks back on in life and says “they helped me get where I am today.”
6) Love them. Seems easy enough right? Oh, just remember that when they piss you off; or forget your birthday on accident; or go on a date with your ex-boyfriend. Don’t forget to love the people you truly care about with unconditional love; that is love WITHOUT judgement. The mere act of loving someone is enough to change someone’s attitude. Consistently remind them that they are loved, and not only by you, but by God.
7) And finally, give them space. You don’t want to be that pesty friend or family member who has their nose all up someone’s butt. Respect privacy and the value of your relationship, and give them space as they need it. Don’t be weird and start like asking for permission when it’s okay to call or text them, just don’t be all up their butt, and prying for information from them when you can tell they aren’t comfortable discussing it.

You can acknowledge these things, or you can let them go in one ear or out the other (or I guess in one eye and out the other since you’re reading this?). But just maybe these 7 little things can help you or someone you know with the relationships they have with people they care about.

Relationships are about growth people, and if your relationship is stagnant, something needs to change, and guess what? IT CAN START WITH YOU.

Remember, no matter what relationship you’re in, if you don’t love yourself, you’re not going to be able to love someone else.

Have a safe weekend my little sunflowers 🌻🌻🌻

stay beautiful! xoxo


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