my life lately…

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!
Just to hold myself accountable, I wanna recap the things I want to improve in 2015:
1) Respect for my parents: I feel like I’ve definitely improved in this area, but there is still so much to be done. I am not quite as snappy with them, and I have definitely been spending more time with them (unfortunately due to schoolwork).
2) Relationships: Wow, has this area improved already, and it’s just been a month. I have great friends, but I’ve definitely made an effort to work on the relationships that not only build me up, but ones where I am able to build up the other person. It was hard distancing myself from certain relationships, but the joy I carry with me everywhere now is a sure sign that that was a right decision.
3) Relationship with God: WOW, again. It’s only been a month in 2015, and I already feel closer to God than I have in the past 4 years. I’ve been diligent about reading the bible, tithing, and attending small group. I am making an effort to tell people about God, and I’m doing it without hesitation. I love the confidence God instills in me!
4) Health: As of January, I have officially lost 19 lbs., and I’ve done it in a healthy way. In the past I struggled from an eating disorder, and rebounded from that with unnecessary weight gain, but throughout this past year I’ve grown a lot mentally, and finally found a peace with food. It’s definitely a challenge everyday, but I feel great about where I am. I have been giving myself time to mediate daily, so I can stay sane, and as far as my emotional health goes, ever since I’ve gotten closer with God, I am emotionally content. I am not getting to workout as much as I want, or the way I want, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do (darn you, grad school).
5) Saving money: I am getting better with this one. I have not cut shopping completely out, because I am a girl, and a princess, and Chelsey (who loves to shop)… but I have gotten way better about saving. This month I saved almost $400!!
6) Less social media: I am slowly getting better with this one. I have been better about waking up and not going straight for Instagram or Facebook, and instead going straight to my e-mail to read a devotion. I have been stopping myself in the middle of the day when I incessantly check to see if there is anything new on snapchat or Instagram. This one is going to be a work in progress, but it’s getting better.

So, this is a little glimpse of my life this far. I left my job at MUSC, and am starting back at Trident tomorrow. I’m excited to get back into floor nursing. It’ll be a nice change from the OR, because I’ll have to actually use my brain and clinical nursing skills. I’ve been pretty good about going to church every week, as well as small group every Wednesday. School work pretty much takes up all my free time, but I do try to give myself at least one night a week where I get to hang out with friends. Between driving, work, school work, church, and small group, the only time I have left is to sleep. I’m not complaining, because I chose this, but in case you were missing me, or I’m not texting you as much, or calling you as much, or hanging  out with you as much, it’s because I’m busy working to achieve my dreams. It’s only two to three years of my life, and in the grand scheme of things, that’s nothing. For those of you supporting me with love and kind thoughts, I appreciate you. I’m going to need a lot of encouragement and support over these next couple years!


Just a little thought to leave you with: YOU are worth it. ALWAYS remember that!

stay beautiful! xoxo


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