a real love letter.

This if for the people who don’t believe in true love. This is for the people who have absolutely NO hope in finding their soul mate. This is for the person who is so desperate for love, they have lost sight of what love really is. This is for the girl who thinks that there are no real gentlemen in the world.

As I was sitting at my parents house this past weekend, my mom brought me a letter my dad had written her FIVE days after they had started dating.

When I think of the kind of person my dad is today, him writing this letter is definitely his character. This letter shows vulnerability, which is something rare to show these days. As I sat and read this letter, I was in awe of the genuineness, pureness, and innocence of the words on that paper.

This letter was written August 30, 1979. My dad was 22 years old, and my mom had just turned 20 years old. This is how the letter went:

“So, here I sit, I haven’t written anyone a letter in years…I’m a shy person but you don’t make me feel shy… you make me smile, and make me happy. It’s not what you say, or what you do, its just you. I don’t understand, but I love it, it’s wild. I haven’t felt this comfortable or been this happy in so many years… I love being with you, I love talking to you, and we’ve just begun… I just got a good job, my bills will be caught up in a couple of weeks, I’m getting in real good shape, and I’m so happy. But I’ve only become this happy in the last five days, I’m ready to jump in with both feet… I’m depending on you and I don’t know if that’s right. You’ve got your own life, your friends, and I’ve got mine, but the hell with it, I’m wide open now, spilled my innards. I care for you so much, I feel so good, I just want a chance, I don’t want to get hurt and God strike me down if I ever hurt you. Maybe this is premature… I don’t know if you’re ready for this, maybe you think it’d tie you down… I’ve already gotten myself involved in you. It’s in its early stages, but WOW. I might be screwing this up writing this letter and I might regret giving you this letter, but I have confidence, I’ve got faith, and I pray to God someday I’ll have you. There it is, that’s how I feel.”

I mean COME ON. Doesn’t your heart just swoon at the romance in this letter. I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I read it. I did leave out some of the letter, for the respect and privacy of my parents, but the details I shared are plenty. It exposes REAL thoughts and feeling towards my mother. These words makes him vulnerable to the response of my mother, whether she accepts or rejects his feelings. I would assume that the letter went over well with her, because this March, they will be celebrating their 34th wedding anniversary. It’s amazing to me how out of touch people are today with their feelings when in a relationship. The media and lack of standards has created this false norm that feelings should be kept inside, and you should be careful how and when you share them.

Reading this “love letter” (if you will) actually gives me some sort of hope that God does prepare the hearts of our soul mate. It’s a crazy thing to think that there is one person out there that you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with; one person that is supposed to understand you almost better than you understand yourself; one person that is meant to love you despite all your faults and short comings. It’s even crazier to think that there is someone out there that actually has been praying for you as a future spouse; for someone who has been praying that God will prepare your heart for marriage; someone who loves God more than you.

I’m not writing this post to judge the way people handle their relationships, because that is between you and the other person. I’m writing this post to help remind anyone that needs to hear it, that there IS hope for true love. Maybe it’s the fact that you need to fall in love with God first, so He can prepare your heart for your future spouse; or maybe it’s the fact that you’ve been hurt and abused and taken advantage of in past relationships, and you’ve lost hope for finding your “one and only”. Trust me when I say that I struggle with begin single a lot. It is probably a daily struggle, but God’s word reminds me that everything happens in His perfect timing. And this letter helps ease the hurt a little by giving hope of true love.

My mom and dad to this day still celebrate a special kind of love. I can only pray earnestly that God blesses me with the type of marriage they have.


Happy friday, wildflowers.

stay beautiful! xoxo




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