positive vibes for twenty fifteen.

Yep. 2014 is already over. It went by as fast as you think it did. And yes, you probably didn’t stick with the resolutions you made. I’m sure you have things you regret, and things you wish you could do over and over again. For most of us, going through the motions is becoming the norm. Being unhealthy is an escalating trend, and secularity owns the media and minds of most people. 2015 isn’t going to include any resolutions for me, but just things I would like to work on to be the best person God has created me to be. It is healthy to set goals, but remember where you are on your journey so that you can achieve them.


1. The first thing I want to work on is my respect for my parents. I was raised to treat my parents with respect. To say yes mam and yes sir. To not talk back, and to obey their instructions and requests. Throughout my adulthood, I have struggled with disrespecting my parents in a huge way. I think it has to do with my incessant need for independence; the fact that I know I can do it myself, and don’t need anyone’s opinion or help. Well this narrow minded thought process I seem to own, often causes me to speak in a very disrespectful tone to my parents, and also causes me to be very snappy; back talking and just down right showing no respect. In 2015 I want to re-establish respect for my parents. They have never done anything for me not to respect them, so I need to fix it. My goal is to think before I speak, and be more empathetic to their thoughts, emotions, and opinions.


2. The second thing I want to improve in 2015 is my relationships. I guess it’s just me, but I have the worst luck with long lasting relationships. I don’t know if God uses me for a season in people’s lives, but I definitely rotate through groups of friends. There is nothing wrong with that, but at the end of the day my heart does break, because I don’t have my “one and only.” I want to focus this year on only putting effort into relationships where the effort is mutual. I have definitely been abused in previously relationships. I have been taken advantage of, and I have most certainly been under appreciated. I want to build up the relationships I have with people that are positive, and weed out those relationships I have with people which are toxic and idle.

3. The third thing I want to improve in 2015 is my relationship with God. This is a continuous improvement over a lifetime, but it’s something that I really want. I have a feeling a lot of the suffering and pain I go through is because I rely on myself more than I rely on God. I want to make time to spend in His word, and make time to fellowship with others, and make time to go out into the community and share the love of God (gather, grow, give, and go- thank you Awaken church). I want others to know that as a Christian I am different. I want others to be able to look at me and visibly see something different. It’s a very hard thing to be a Christian in the world today, due to the constant temptations and secular “lack of standards.” This year I just want to improve my effort in my relationship with Christ. All He wants to for me to love Him and trust Him, and who am I to not want that with Him, especially knowing He sent His son to die on the cross for MY sins?!

4. The fourth thing I want to work on is my health. This includes mental, emotional, physical, and physiological health. Physiologically I want my body to function the best it can. I want to eat healthy to feed my body the energy it needs to function; so that I can live a long healthy life, with babies and tons of adventuring. I want to exercise because I want to improve my health, not to burn calories. Physically, I want to treat my body like a temple. I want to STOP body shaming, and embrace the blessing of having a fully capable body. I am blessed with all my fingers and toes, and all my arms and legs, which in itself is a huge blessing. Mentally I want to become more submissive to what others have to say. Like I wrote about earlier, I am a very independent person, but I want to learn to take advice and opinions of others so that I don’t get mentally clouded in my judgement and actions. I want to become not so hard on myself, because all that does is wear me down. Finally, emotionally, I want to become weaker. Again, going back to my independence, I have built up a wall, which keeps me from being a very emotional person. Yes, I do have times where I can be emotional, but for the most part, I am not good at showing people I love them and care for them. I think this comes with my sometimes negative characteristic of being brutally honest. It’s a blessing and a curse, but at least everyone knows I’ll always tell the truth. To improve my health in 2015 it is going to take a lot of prayer and perseverance, but I know that it’s something that can be improved!

5. The fifth thing I want to improve this year is saving money. As a single woman, this is hard because I don’t have people buying me stuff I want or need. I am left on my own to pay the bills, do the shopping, and trying to save for retirement. This past year has been full of travels, and making memories that I’ll never forget, but in the midst of this fun, I’ve managed to dip into my savings, and that needs to stop. Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT regret anything from this past year, but in 2015, I want to build back up my savings, even with my trips to Jamaica and Vegas. I need to limit my (online) shopping and eating out. Those of the two areas where I struggle most!

6. The sixth thing I want to improve this year is the amount of time I spend on social media. It’s so easy to spend countless hours browsing pinterest, looking at pictures on instagram, reading tweets on twitter, and being nosey on Facebook. I want to redirect my time spent on social media to reading a new book, studying the bible, or spending time with friends and family!

Each new day is a blessing, and the hope of a full new year just leaves me in awe. It is another 365 days to continuously love others; to improve relationships; to improve your health; to see new things; to become more educated; to love God MORE; to make memories that will last a lifetime. 2015 is waiting on new adventure and countless memories, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

So, this year, DON’T just go through the motions. Make your actions purposeful. Love with untamed passion. Breathe in positivity, and breathe out all the BULLSHIT. Life is wayyyyyy to short to do anything but live in the moment. Let your smile sparkle, and don’t be afraid to wear a tiara (or a crown, for all you boys)! Be who you are called to be!

Thank you to all my close/best/good friends and family who helped me feel alive and loved in 2014, YOU guys are the reason I have a smile on my face.

stay beautiful! xoxo



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