tuesday thoughts

wow. november is almost over. thanksgiving will be here next week. christmas will be here in a little over a month. it’s scary to think that life is passing us by so quickly. as most people know, i was accepted into grad school, and will start the second week in january. i am scared, nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time for this new journey. so right now i am trying to take advantage of any free time i have by relaxing, or just doing things i want to do, because i know when school starts there will be no time for that. my mimi has been gone for over two weeks and it seems like just yesterday. it’s hard to go into her house where my popsie lives, because it reminds me of her so much. she would be so proud of me for getting into grad school. my OR job is going well so far. i’m almost done with orientation, and i think i’m starting to get the hang of it. i will actually be starting back at trident PRN (hopefully) to maintain my nursing skills!

there has been a lot on my mind lately, so i want to leave you with this:

don’t lose hope. it is SO easy to feel defeated, and to just give up, but don’t do it.
God gives us hope, and through him all things are possible. so today, if you feel
like there is nothing worth living for, nothing worth working for, nothing worth loving,
place your trust in God. he will deliver you from a hopeless world. he can transform 
     your thoughts, emotions, actions, and intentions with only the sweet commitment of 
     unconditional surrender. it’s a scary thing to give God control and trust in him to give you
hope and a promise of a bright and blessed future, but there is no better feeling than saying
MY God got me through it. stay positive and have hope. let go and let God.

stay beautiful! xoxo


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