24 things I’ve learned in 24 years (part 1)

24 things I’ve learned in the past 24 years about life and myself… (these are in no particular order)

Number ONE: Self-worth > self-confidence. It has taken me at least six years to fully understand this concept. Image is idolized and categorized by secular and materialistic standards, which causes women and men to lose self-confidence, because they cannot keep up with the standards (they are not thin enough, or they don’t have a thigh gap, or straight hair). Then, once your self-confidence is lost, it seems self-worth follows. I’ve learned that confidence comes from within, and not by what society tells you that you can be confident about. I’ve learned that self-worth encompasses my beliefs, my beauty, my standards, and my confidence. So, I’ve learned to keep my self-worth even if my self-confidence is low, because the truth is, I am worth it!

Number TWO: DO NOT “fake it until you make it”! If you have to constantly put on a facade, then do something about it to change. Whether it be to go see a therapist, or go to church, or just have an important talk with someone you have been wanting to talk with. STOP keeping things inside because you don’t want to appear weak for voicing your feelings and emotions, or you’re too scared of rejection. It is human to love, and to feel, and to struggle, so don’t put your life on the back burner because you think you’ll be fine. It’s true, there is someone always worse off than you, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of your mental and emotional health!

Number THREE: Coffee is one of the best things ever discovered. period.

Number FOUR: Get off your phone/computer/tablet/etc… Disengage with social media, and emails, and work at least the first 10 minutes when you wake up and go to bed. It is so sad that when you go out EVERYONE is on their phones texting, or creeping, or working, or whatever. Face to face interaction has become a passing glance with fingers crossed behind our backs that the other person does not talk to us, because God knows we can’t engage in a real person to person conversation. We only know to hide behind the unemotional and guarded words of a text message or email. Put your shit down and live in the moment! Watch the sunset. Go for that bike ride. Cook dinner while dancing around in an apron like Mrs. Doubtfire. Do everything you can to laugh, because that will be all anyone can hold on to when your gone. A memory of a smile is way more meaningful than a text that says I made it to level 48 on candy crush.

Number FIVE: Hold doors open for people. It is one of the most rude things in the world to walk through a door with someone behind you and you not to hold the door for them. People lack so much respect towards others these days. You never know who’s day you could brighten by doing such a simple act of kindness.

Number SIX: Burn more candles. Whether you’re setting the mood for romance or just a relaxing evening, just do it! You’ll thank me later.

…to be continued

stay beautiful! xoxo


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