in a new york state of mind (part 1)

I want to start out by thanking all of my friends and family for the birthday wishes. It means a lot to know you took a few seconds out of your day to wish me well. This birthday was definitely the best one yet!

Me and Amber took on New York City for my birthday weekend, and got along great. We were able to spend the majority of the weekend with my friend Lindsay and Amber’s friend Jamie.


Soooooo here is a little rundown/itenerary of our trip to NYC, part one 🙂

Thursday: We left Charleston around 7:55 pm. Had a brief layover in Charlotte, NC, and finally arrived in the La Gaurdia airport around 11:45 pm. Me and Amber waited on our car to pick us up for almost 30 minutes! Our first stop was our hotel, ONE UN, located at 1 United Nations Plaza. We got to the hotel around 12:45 am. We both freshened up and headed out for dinner and drinks. And yes, it was 1 am; not an unusual thing for New York life. We had no clue where we were going, we just wanted food. We eventually gave up on the search for food and stopped at an Italian pub, P.J. Clarks. There, we had 2 drinks a piece and a birthday shot for me! Across the street was Johnny Rockets where we went after our drinks, only to indulge in less than average food. I would never recommend Johnny Rockets as a “must eat”. After our late night snacks we headed back to the hotel and finally closed our eyes around 5 am after reveling in the beautiful cityscape we had a view of outside our hotel window.

Friday: We got up around 8:45 am and Amber did homework while I lounged around and got ready. Once Amber finally finished what she needed to do and got ready, we headed to the Coca-Cola building where Amber’s friend Jamie works (she has the best job by the way!). Jamie showed us around the shoe showrooms for Coach, Frye, and many more. When we left Jamie, we headed to Chelsea, passing Bergdorf Goodman’s, Henri Bendel’s, and many stores known to me from gossip girl! Me and Amber were headed to walk on the Chelsea High Line. The view on the High Line was gorgeous and there was way too much to see. We only walked on the High Line for about 30 minutes then stopped at this little restaurant called Porteno for a mimosa and a meat and cheese plate. After we fueled up, we headed to the Hyatt in Time Square, but got completely lost for about two hours. When we finally made it to the Hyatt, we started my birthday celebration with a few drinks, which were VERY expensive. My friend Lindsay took a train to meet us from New Jersey, and Ambers friend Jamie met up with us after work. One of the surgeons I worked with at Trident, Chuck, was also in town for a conference, and he was able to meet up with us for dinner and drinks also! Once we had a few drinks, we all headed to STK for dinnner and some more drinks. We had a fabulous dinner filled with truffle fries, mahi tacos, a wedge salad, steak, sea bass, and falafal. Chuck left after dinner, and thats when things started to get crazy! The four of us girls headed to Lindsay’s brother’s bar, The Globe, and had several drinks and danced the night away. When we left The Globe we went to Milk and Honey, a little speakeasy (which I will never be able to find again, by the way). We were all starving at the end of the night and went to a little diner called Lyric where we indulged in greek wraps, pancakes, and waffles. The night ended very late to say the least!

Saturday: We woke up less than 6 hours later, but decided to tough it out and get our day started. We started the day heading out to Union Square. We left out of Grand Central Station! I felt like I was a part of Gossip Girl for a little second 🙂 Our first stop was a fabulous little restraunt called The Hummus and Pita Co. where we got falafal and hummus, a gyro, and quiche. After we were satiated, we started shopping! Our first stop was DSW, then Lululemon, then we walked around the Farmer’s Market. We then headed over to Century 21, which was closed due to Yom Kipper, so instead, we made a pit stop at Urban Outfitters, and we were able to see Freedom Tower from a distance! We were parched at this point, so we headed down a few blocks to Pier 16 right around sunset, where we had an amazingly beautiful view of the Brooklyn Bridge. We took lots of pictures then headed around the corner to Ambrose Beer Garden. This place was in a such a cute little spot on a cobblestone road with a great atmosphere, and the bar tender hooked us up! We left the beer garden and freshened up at the hotel then headed to the Empire State Building; such a breathtaking view, but very chilly. I’m glad I got to experience such a beautiful view, along with some live jazz on the very high 86th floor at The Empire State Building. We left the Empire State building and headed over to the 24 hour cupcake machine supplied with Sprinkles cupcakes, and ended the night with a delicious treat!


These were the adventures of Chelsey, Amber, Lindsay, and Jamie for the first two ish days in New York! The last two days will be coming to y’all in a later post this week!



stay beautiful! xoxo


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