trying too hard- ramblings

the limitations to trying are infinite. you can never try too hard, but you sure can not try hard enough.

It takes a huge effort to free yourself from memory. | Paulo Coelho Picture Quotes | Quoteswave

i am the type of person that tries really hard at everything i do. i don’t do anything lackadaisical or half ass. whether it date back to volleyball always giving one hundred percent on the court and in my workouts, or high school and college always giving one hundred percent in the classroom, homework, and clinical (graduating cum lade), or just cleaning my house. i give everything i have every time i do something, because i strive to live in the moment. i try so hard because i don’t want any regrets!

Make an effort, not an excuse quotes quote quotes and sayings image quotes picture quotes

in relationships it seems to be a flaw, because the effort never seems to be reciprocated. at first it seems okay because it is a “new” friendship, but after a while of seldom being appreciated or admired, i wish i could just turn my effort off. despite by constant effort in relationships, i seem to lack the one hundred percent effort in the relationship with my family. it seems i take advantage of their permanence and consistency in my life, when in fact i should cherish them the most, and give them the most effort.

i’ve come to realize lately that i can’t keep putting everything i have into trying to fit into other people’s lives. i feel like i’m trying to force a square into a circle.

my new goal is to remember not to lose myself in my efforts, and especially not forget my worth.

stay beautiful! xoxo


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