i’ve been thinking lately about priorities and having more purpose in living, and i came back to something that Matt talked about recently- reaching out to others. he used God as the ultimate example of reaching out, because he gives us grace! when we are unlovable, He loves us; when we are at our absolute bottom, He reaches out and gives us His hand; we get love that has nothing to do with us, but everything to do with how much God loves us. Matt emphasized the fact that grace is not something we have to work for. we don’t have to do so many good things or say so many rights things in order to receive grace; grace is given to us when we don’t deserve it. he used grace to challenge us to reach out to others; whether it is just to pray for them, or help them with a task, or whatever, but to do something that reaches out. it is definitely a challenge in a self-centered world we live in, but i’m willing to take it. so how can i reach out to you? is there anything i can do for you? let me know, seriously.

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