thankful for 2013//hopeful for 2014

happy new year!!

it has been a hell of a year. i am thankful most of all for the friends i have made and for the time that i have gotten to spend with my family. the time spent with my family has been irreplaceable. having such a flexible schedule with work gave me time to spend with my niece who is now moving to Mississippi with her mom and stepfather. my schedule has also allowed for some quality time with my parents and grandparents. its amazing how precious and under appreciated time is, until we know we only have a little left.

in January i was able to participate in Passion Conference in Atlanta, Georgia with a bunch of people my age that have an uncommon love for God. it sends chills up my spine just thinking about the way God worked through the people that helped lead the conference and the way God affected the lives of the thousands of people attending. i cant wait for a couple weeks from now when i get to experience Passion again.
in February i made a decision to go to night shift at work, where i met my now amazing friends. i made the decision because i was stressed out from day shift, and i felt like i wanted a change. night shift was great for several months but i switched back to days in October and my body loves me a lot more  than it did working nights. my friends really are the best!
in march i signed a contract and moved into my first ever house. at 22 years old i bought my own house with my very own mortgage to pay every month. its scary to think i bought a house, but i really am so proud of myself for doing it. it has taught me more about responsibility and conserving energy/water- your welcome, dad.
in April having my own house myself really set in. i am paying all my own bills, i became a young, independent woman, and i began to grow and learn everyday what i need to do different or better to succeed in life while being responsible.
in may i participated in the mud run. what an experience, it was muddy and long, but my team got through it and i loved every minute! the mud run is definitely something i’d like to face again in 2014.
in June me and my mom, dad, brother, and niece all traveled to Florida for vacation. we got to stay at a nice house with an amazing pool, and my niece got to go to Disney world. my niece, Paige, is a little princess, so Disney world was just the icing to the cake. being able to spend that week with her and my family was priceless.
July was a month full of disappointment, doubt, and devastation. in this month we found out that my Mimi has pancreatic cancer. there are still so many questions that will never be answered, but my Mimi is a fighter and i know she is not going down without a fight. we will never forget this month because it has forever changed our lives, giving us a little reminder to give endless love and appreciate time, because its not always promised.
in august i made a decision to quit crossfit, something i really do love. it became unhealthy mentally and emotionally for me to participate, anddddd it was a ton of money. i don’t regret having to quit, because i am much healthier for quitting, but i really do miss the community and competitiveness.
in September i finally accepted that life is meant to be lived. it sunk in that time shouldn’t be wasted, so if i wanted to do something i made a promise to myself, that i was going to do it. of course i am limited as to the extent to what i want to do, at least financially, but this month, i decided to live, and with no regret.
in October i was able to take a mini vacation to the blue ridge mountains in Georgia. i got to hike waterfalls and drink coffee and watch the sun rise on a beautiful lake in rocking chairs. i got to explore Helen, Georgia for Oktoberfest, and i spent an amazing 3 days with English angels. i did all this beside one amazing guy, Alex; a forever friend that will always hold a special place in my heart. in October, i also adopted a little lab mix puppy, Bella. she is a handful but i cant imagine life without her. she gives me love, adventure, and companionship!
in November i got to travel to Florida for the Passion Pit concert with my friends. it was a totally random trip that ended up being a blast.
in December i was been plagued by emotional outbursts. i had to say goodbye to my niece, who i wont see for 3 months. we took family pictures to capture memories that will never be erased. my Mimi finished her first cycle of chemo. i threw my first party at my new house (thanks to everyone who came). i was able to dress like a princess and go to a grand ball for new years eve. it was a red carpet event that made everyone feel like princes and princesses. the experience was memorable and i even had a new years kiss 😉

so, with an open heart i am ready to embrace 2014 with purpose to love passionately and unendlessly, forgive easily, live intentionally, and develop and mature my faith daily.

hasta la vista 2013 🙂

stay beautiful! xoxo


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