my prayer for my future husband


As silly as some may see it, I pray for my future husband. I was reminded the other day by a friend, Cameron, of the importance of praying for our future spouse.

“Something I’ve been praying about for a while now – my spouse. Not for god to bring her to me right now, or to have a ridiculous set of nonexistent perfect standards, but for her to love God more than me. For God To bless her everyday and walk with her until he brings us together, and that she takes me as I am and where I came from, and I, her. I encourage my single friends to do the same. It takes away the obsession of longing for “the one” to just pop up when you feel like it won’t happen. God will bring them forward….plus there’s tons of things God needs to work on and prepare us with.” -Cameron

I have written a few letter to “him” and prayed several times for “him”, but lately, when I’ve been feeling the most lonely, and the most stuck being single, I have forgotten to pray for “him”. I have neglected my faith for self satisfaction in a relationship; I have forgotten that Jesus is the only one that will ever complete me; I have lost the confidence in myself to the foolish standards set by society that once you graduate college you should get married, or once you have an established career you should get married, or once you buy your own house you should get married. But I realized today that I am not supposed to be looking for “him”, I just need to be praying for “him”. I pray that he will have a love so deep for God that our faith is what brings us together.

happy humpday lovelies!

stay beautiful! xoxo



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