#passion2013 #enditmovement

What is worship? What does it take to worship God? How can you worship God? What does it feel like to worship God? If I don’t worship am I still a Christian?

These question have constantly flooded my head for the past three months.

After my mission trip to Nicaragua I grasped a sense of what it really meant to serve God, to worship God, but was still dry in a sense of understanding true worship!

Sure, I grew up in church learning about worship and how you can do it anytime, anywhere, but I only saw it on Sundays, occasionally when that one brave person would raise their hands worshipping God.

The term worship is simply another word whose context has gotten lost in Christianity today; like the words love and sacrifice.

Well friends, let me tell you something.. I was able to experience worship. I was able to grasp every bit of worship, and feel it in my bones. I was able to see others worship, feel others worship, and experience worship in its truest, rawest form.

Passion 2013 was a turning point in my life, not because it was such an awesome event, not because I met some cool people (who most of them most likely put on their Jesus face for a couple of days), not because I feel like this is what I am supposed to do now after such an awesome event. Experiencing worship with 65,000 other young adults opened my eyes to something amazing!

(If you wanna check out more on Passion conference just google it!)

I have turned my life in a different direction because God opened my eyes and showed me a clear path for the time being. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know where I’ll be next month, better yet tomorrow, but I do know that I am going in the right direction because The Lord is where my gaze is set.

It’s really hard to articulate words to describe my experience at Passion so the best I can give you besides what I’ve already mentioned is this:

When you really surrender everything to God you will experience the very breath of God fill your lungs. You will experience a weight filled with burdens, pain, struggles, addiction, and sexual immorality be lifted off your shoulders. You will revel in the very breath of Christ, and you will have a voice that will be heard because you are SO GLAD. You will be a different person not because of anything you do, you will be different because the light of Jesus Christ is shining through you and there is nothing that can dull that shine.

God breathes life into dry bones AND uses worship as a weapon.

I am forevermore a part of His army. Are you ready to join?

stay beautiful! xoxo









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