What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) #3




Apple cinnamon stuffed omelete with raw almond butter20120926-133605.jpg


Turkey burger with veggies and baked beans



Whole wheat bagel thin with egg whites, provolone cheese, and grape jelly



Turkey sandwich on a wheat sandwich thin with strawberries and bananas



Egg whites with diced honey ham, topped with mustard



“oatless” oatmeal topped with banana and raw almond butter



Cake batter protein bars



Pumpkin spice rice krispies I made for work 🙂



Not so pretty pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (made without oil or sugar!)



Egg whites topped with almond butter and dark chocolate chips





Lately my eats have been pretty random.. nothing too exciting actually. For breakfast I have been having either a mug of cereal or eggs with almond butter. I have seemingly eliminated a morning snack with these two breakfast choices, but sometimes I’ll have a banana as a snack. For lunch I’ve been having tuna (a lot), or more eggs, or chicken/turkey with some veggies. My afternoon snack usually consists of coffee and a piece of fruit or a serving of almonds. Dinner has been consumed later than usual these days, but I’m not complaining but I’m sleeping a little better than normal… who knows maybe this cool weather is helping me sleep. Dinner has been either more eggs, a sandwich of some sort, or just some chicken and veggies again. Some occasional snacks have been delicious plums, greek yogurt, protein shakes (post crossfit only), special k thins (chocolate ones are SO good), and some wheat thins.

I’m really trying to clean up life in general, and the easiest place I know to start is my food. Overall I am REALLY good about clean eating, but sometimes stress gets the best of me; but I’m human, so I move on.

Other than all that boring food, I’m excited for fall and everything pumpkin!! Who else is loves fall?!

If you didn’t see my Fall 2012 Bucket List, make sure to check it out 🙂

Hope you all have a fabulous day, today enjoy the simple thought that God loves you immensely. 

stay beautiful! xoxo


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