the highest form of prayer comes from the depths of a humble heart.

Thank You for the cross that You have carried
Thank You for Your blood that was shed
You took the weight of sin upon Your shoulders
And Sacrificed Your life so I could live

Now nothing is holding me back from You
Redeemer of my soul
Now nothing can hold me back from You
Your Love will never let me go

Thank You for Your death and resurrection
Thank You for the power of Your blood
I am overwhelmed by Your affection
The Kindness and the Greatness of Your Love

Thank You that we’re living in Your Kingdom
Jesus You’re the King upon the throne
Thank You for the way You always love me
Now I get to love You in return


     It amazes me how much the Lord is working in my life right now. Through my relationships; through my job; through a willing heart; through music; through a passionate spirit of servitude. I have spent so many years just going through the motions, but not anymore. The harvest that is being reaped from seeking God every single day is amazing. And it’s not just seeking God, it’s seeking to glorify, serve, and exemplify His grace, kindness, mercy, and unfailing love. God reveals himself in ways that before I would have never recognized; the signs are so much clearer when you actually pay attention. He has given and taken away relationships that are only helping build my faith. It has been effortless to seek God, because the unconditional, non judgmental, grace filled, and  perfect love I get in return for seeking Him is the fuel to my fire, and now, this fire cannot be tamed. My hope is that people can see the light of Jesus shine through me, so that I can be an example and a resource for believers, seekers, and doubters of faith.

stay beautiful! xoxo


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