August recap!

woah woah woah. I really need time to SLOW DOWN. I cannot believe it’s already September. Since September is  here, I want to re-evaluate my goals, take a look at some highlights of my past month, and reveal my aspirations for the next month ahead.

At the beginning of August, I posted my goals publicly, which you can find here.

Let’s review:

1. save money- need a new camera and need to buy stuff for my house when I move out,, and eventually want to buy a treadmill? want to by insanity and my own blog domain name –> This is something I definitely need to still work on, but I’m doing pretty good 🙂
2. go to church every week–> I have gone to church and Mosaic every Sunday for the past month!
3. qualify for my FREE BMW paid for by Visalus–> I didn’t qualify this month, but that has lit a fire under my toosh to get my BMW THIS MONTH!! I want it so bad, and am looking for anyone who is driven to succeed to help me promote The Challenge so I can get my BMW and then help them get theirs!
4. follow my planned budget–> Ehhhhh… this is going okay. It’s really hard for me to follow this budget, because I don’t yet have all the expenses I have projected on the budget.. soon enough though 😉
5. get my personal weapons license–> nope, not yet…
6. get personal training certification–> nope, not yet…
7. become certified health coach–> nope, not yet…
8. train and help with billy graham at church (one night per month)–> I got the book for the training, so now I just need to read it and let my dad give me the run down. Billy Graham is every other Wednesday night, so twice a month, not once, like I thought. It’s something I want to do, so hopefully I’ll be able to start this coming Wednesday!!
9. host 3-4 challenge parties for the body by vi 90 day health and fitness challenge per month–> Yeahh, about thissss. This did NOT happen. I had one challenge party this month, and only one person came. Kind of discouraging, but I will have more. I need to have more. Maybe this month 😉

All in all, August was really, really good!

God is SO good 🙂

Nowwww, for September I want to continue with achieving these goals, but I also have a few more things to add.
1) This month I want to change the heart and life of at least one person; I want to use the wisdom, strength, and    passion God continuously instills in my spirit to accomplish that change. 2) I also want to learn something new every single day; whether it’s about the weather or about the bible, I want to know! 3) Finally, my last little September goal is to work on my relationships with people that are close to me. I feel like I neglect the effort and maintenance these relationships require, so I really want to focus on this!

Hold me accountable for this stuff, please!


So, the past couple of days have been pretty awesome. After my post on Thursday (click here to read), I headed to the gym and did a really hard crossfit workout. I forget everything I did, but all you need to know is that it was challenging, and I definitely sweat dirty 😉 I showered and got ready super quick after the gym so that I could return some scrubs I bought the day before, and make it to Starbucks in West Ashley by 3:30 to meet my friend Jordan, whom I have know since I was a little kid. We went to church together and have both gone our separate ways, but have recently reconnected; God is good. It really is nice to have another girl to be able to call my friend. Our Starbucks date consisted of talking about my nursing career, her crazy schedule as a law student at Charleston School of Law, boys, and our social lives. All I have to say isssss props to her!

The rest of the afternoon I did a little work, answered some e-mails, and wrote a friend that is in jail. I have been writing back and forth with him for three years now. The Lord has taught me so much through that relationship! Around 7:45 I headed downtown Charleston to a Cathedral off of Coming St, called Your Cathedral. My friend Liz (mentioned here) told me about this worship service that convenes every Thursday night. We were supposed to go together, but something came up, so she couldn’t go. I could have easily made an excuse not to go, but I went anyway. I am SO GLAD I went. The worship was amazing!! I felt satisfied to be able to release my inhibitions and just praise Jesus without being judged, or looked at funny. I could feel God’s presence more than ever 🙂

Yesterday I worked all day, and it was a great day. I got to do a blood transfusion for my first time.., and my time management skills are getting better!


Today has been LONG. I woke up around 6:45 to head to the gym before I had to pick up Isa, my high school volleyball coach’s daughter. (I babysat Isa for the day today) At the gym I just did a total body weights workout. It feels good lately to lift heavy! I came home and had some greek yogurt and half of a pistachio muffin, then me and Paige went to pick up Isa!

Paige and Isa played together all morning; from barbies, to dress up, to swinging, to coloring. They did it all 🙂 I headed out for a 20 minute run right around lunch time. BIG mistake. It was so hot and humid outside, I felt sick for a couple hours after running 😦

Around 2:15, after the girls “rested” (rested meaning they were supposed to take a nap, but played quietly by themselves instead), me and my brother and Paige and Isa headed over to Chris’s house, one of my brother’s friends, for a birthday party. We only stayed about 45 minutes because we were headed to another birthday party, a mermaid party for Chloe!

We got to the second party around 3:30, and to our suprise driving up was a new trampoline for the birthday girl, she turns 4 tomorrow! All the kids had a blast at the party, and we opened gifts, and had cake, and enjoyed each others company. Also, we all got another surprise at the party when Kevin came home for Chloe’s birthday party (he’s Chloe’s uncle). Kevin is an athletic trainer for the Gamecock football team, so having time off is rare, but he made, and his family is ecstatic!

I love me some Kevin!

I took Isa home around 6:30 and since then I’ve been relaxing and recharging, because tonight, I’m going out 🙂 I’ll fill you in tomorrow on how tonight goes! It’s been a little while since I’ve ventured downtown, so hopefully it treats me well!


Here are some scenes from the weekend thus far :

Have a fabulous night!

stay beautiful! xoxo


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