taking on a new roleeee


It’s been a fairly productive day over here. I did NOT have to work today, and don’t have to work tomorrow either (yay!), so I’m catching up on e-mails, promoting The Challenge, running errands, and taking some personal time. I really do love that I only work three days a week, essentially, sometimes I work more. Working only three days allows me to really appreciate times when I can relax, because life flies by when you work long 12-13 hour shifts like I do. With all the other things I have going on too, it’s nice to be able to relax. So, today I made sure I put aside time to relax.

I woke up to my noisy alarm around 7:30 am this morning and rolled out of bed to get in a solid workout before a Starbucks meeting at 9:30 am. My workout consisted of an upper body workout with bench press, bent over barbell row, dumbbell push press, skull crushers, and dumbbell curls. I finished up my workout with 15 minutes of intervals on the stair master, and 15 minutes of “rolling hills” on the treadmill. I left the gym just in time to make it to Starbucks on time. I drank 2 scoops of vi-shape nutritional shake mix shaken up with water to refuel post-workout. When I got to starbucks, actually a little early and still sweat ( 😉 ), I ordered an iced sugar free, non-fat green tea latte. I never had this before, and let me tell youuuuu… SO GOOD!! Matt Tyler and Cameron Egger met me there and we got to talking. We had planned this “business meeting”, if you want to call it that, to discuss our upcoming launch of the “revival” of our college and singles group ages 18-25, Mosaic, at Riverbluff Church.

Today, I took on a new role.

Today, I became a leader of Mosaic

What is required of leader, you ask?

Leaders will walk closely with God. They are not required to be perfect but are required to live a life consistent with that of a leader in the church. Pursuing God’s will for their life with a desire to see others come to know Him in deeper ways.

Qualifications for leadership:

      • are to be worthy of respect
      • sincere
      • not indulging in much wine
      • not pursuing dishonest gain
      • must keep hold of the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience
      • must first be tested; and then if there is nothing against them, let them serve as deacons
      • must manage their household well
      • must be wise in their relationships, pursuing the spouse that God would have them partner with
      • known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom

*taken from the qualifications of a deacon in 1 Timothy 3

Today, I signed a “contract” (per say) signifying that I will seek to live out and comply with these qualifications

Today, I listened to God

Today, I grew spiritually, mentally, and emotionally

When I left Starbucks I was on a high from our meeting. I had a million things flying through my head. I literally am ECSTATIC for Mosaic and what God is going to do through this ministry, through the people leading this ministry, and in the people Mosaic centers on.

I popped on the good ole facebook and right there in my news feed was this:

My friend Chelsey and I, have graciously accepted leadership roles for Mosaic at Riverbluff. We have so many ideas and so many plans to make!! What’s Mosaic you might ask? Well, friends, it is a college/singles ministry, ages 18-25 at Riverbluff Church in Whitehall on Dorchester rd. starting September 25th @ 7:30 will be our “launching ceremony” if you will. Mosaic is a place for doubters, seekers and believers to explore faith and truth. If you want to know anything more feel free to give me or Chelsey Kight a shout. You can also contact Matt Tyler who will be leading our ministry! Again, feel free to shoot anyone of us an email or however you choose. thanks,

-Cam (Cameron Egger)

Ummmm. I got EVEN more excited. God truly is doing amazing things in and through me right now. I cannot wait to team up with Cameron and Matt, along with Alexis and Jordan. The possibilities are endless for what God is going to turn Mosaic into. I’m just going to pray, listen, and serve while God guides us through this ministry!

Later in the afternoon I went to The Uniform Outlet and got another pair of scrubs and a scrub jacket, thanks Mom 🙂 Then, I returned a couple things for my mom and headed home to do a little work. I had to do an online assignment for work about our Code of Conduct. :/ That took about an hour, then I met up with my friend Ian to give him a sample of the vi-shape nutritional shake mix. He is thinking about joining The Challenge, so I wanted him to taste the shake! The rest of the afternoon has consisted of computer work, making calls, and just relaxing 🙂

I’m not sure what the evening has in storeeee…

Have a good night y’all 🙂

stay beautiful! xoxo


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