1 Corinthians 4:7-8

For who do you know that really knows you, knows your heart? And even if they did, is there anything they would discover in you that you could take credit for? Isn’t everything you have and everything you are sheer gifts from God? So what’s the point of all this comparing and competing? You already have all you need. You already have more access to God than you can handle. 

Take a look at your life. Do you always compare yourself to others? Do you always compare your success to others success? Do you work so hard for things that you know you will just be overlooked for? Do you rely on someone else for your confidence?

When you feel like you have lost control of how to live; when you feel tired of comparing to and competing with others; when you can no longer look to relationships for purpose in life… look to God. He knows the depths of your heart. He has given you everything you have, yet asks nothing in return except for you to accept Him as Lord.

It’s true…we already have all we need- we have access to GOD.

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