a day in the life of a princess!





Isn’t she precious?!?!

First of all, I hope everyone had a fabulous Saturday, and spent it doing things that you enjoy, with people you love. Today, I did just that. I was able to relax and spend much needed quality time with my dad, my hero. Now, I’ll give you a little break down of how my “me” day, as a princess, went:

10:30 AM- Wake up and have a strawberry and banana vi-shape shake 🙂

12:00 PM- Drive to the Arthur Ravenel Bridge and lace up my shoes for a LONG walk.

1/2 way done!


The weather, the view, and my mindset for the entire walk, ALONE, were perfect. I was able to reflect on my super busy week and have some quality prayer time with God! 5.52 miles allows for a ton of quiet time!

2:00 PM- Have yet another strawberry banana vi-shape shake 🙂 and admire the HUGE mushrooms we have growing near our front porch. If only we could eat themmmm 😉




2:30 PM- Dust and Sweep the house for mom. Yes, I should win an award for being the best daughter.



3:15 PM- Help dad put up vinyl siding on our super old garage. It was scorching outside. I’m pretty sure I turned two shades darker today with the sun from the bridge walk, and the sun from helping dad with the siding…



4:00 PM- Admire God’s beautiful artwork in the sky, as the storm rolls in 🙂



4:45 PM- Shoot several guns at the gun range!!





6:15 PM- Dinner at my favorite restaurant (for right now at least), Jason’s Deli. I got the salad bar and a cup of southwest chicken chili. Pops got the same thing as me. We love eating fresh local produce in our salads!



7:00 PM- Movie date with my dad to see The Bourne Legacy! It was sooooo good. Can’t wait for the next one to come out 😉



10:30 PM- BEDTIME!


To recapitulate my day- I woke up late, went on a 5.52 mile walk (finished in an hour and 14 minutes), cleaned the house, cleaned my room, helped my dad put up vinyl siding, went and shot guns, had a delicious dinner at Jason’s Deli, and went on a movie date to see The Bourne Legacy. I can say with a sincere heart that it felt amazing to step back and do things that I enjoyed, not worrying about if I was letting someone down; not worrying about the trillion other things I have to do; and especially not worrying about being self-less, because today, I was selfish.

I thank the Lord for every opportunity today that was presented, and I pray that my light continues to shine 🙂

stay beautiful! xoxo


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