take time for yourself.

Well, it’s a late start to my Saturday over here, but it felt so good to sleep late this morning 🙂 I woke up still feeling exhausted though so today I’m doing something a little bit different!

I don’t know if any of you guys are people pleasers like me, but sometimes you just got to say no. Day after day I get caught up in trying to always be available for the people I care about in my life, and honestly for people that don’t deserve my help, but I do it anyway, hoping they see the light of Jesus Christ shine through me. But today I’m stepping back and pleasing myself for today. As a busy woman, I’m sure EVERYONE can relate, it’s healthy and beneficial to your life to just step back from your busy life, and take a day where you do things that you like, or try something new. So, today I am going to do just that!

I’ll let you know how this goes 🙂

stay beautiful! xoxo


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