catch up.

Gahhhhhhh! I can’t believe it’s already Friday tomorrow. Where has the week gone?

Here’s a little recap of what my week has looked like:

Tuesday– Orientation from 8-230 then got a manicure. Workout from 5-630 lifting weights (biceps, triceps, and back; with some walking and lunges). Yoga from 730-845. Make calls.

Wednesday– Orientation from 8-430. Workout from 515-605 (walking and lunges, then crossfit workout). Grocery shop. Make calls.

Thursday (today)- Orientation from 830-315. Workout from 345-515 lifting weights (legs with some walking and sprints). Body by Vi promotion stuff and getting ready for my Challenge Party tomorrow!

This week has been totally insane with orientation everyday, then going straight to workout, thennnnnnnn making calls to promote the challenge, and get ready for my Challenge Party tomorrow. (click the Challenge Party link for more info!)

Tonight will definitely be an early one. I am exhausted and need rest!

stay beautiful! xoxo


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