Goal update!


Well I can’t believe it’s already August 8! I’m already on day 3 of hospital orientation and I’m loving it! It’s a ton of information, but I’m excited to start! Since I’m starting my new job I thought it would be a good idea to re-evaluate my goals. So here they are 🙂

👉 save money- need a new camera and need to buy stuff for my house when I move out,, and eventually want to buy a treadmill? want to by insanity and my own blog domain name
👉go to church every week
👉qualify for my FREE BMW paid for by Visalus
👉follow my planned budget
👉get my personal weapons license
👉get personal training certification
👉become certified health coach
👉train and help with billy graham at church (one night per month)
👉host 3-4 challenge parties for the body by vi 90 day health and fitness challenge per month

Just wanted to make these public so I can be held accountable!

Stay beautiful! xoxo


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