be planted

It’s takeover Tuesday all over the world. Today, I am taking over Tuesday in the most simple way I can- giving God control to control my life, my outcomes, my purpose. It’s so hard to do that, but honestly, when you hand over the reigns, it feels as if a burden is lifted from your chest. Doing this constantly involves temptations to take control again, but the feelings of liberation from this sexists, materialistic, and selfish world drives me to keep the control in God’s hands.

Hard to believe I have been graduated from college for almost two weeks. I have applied to over 30 jobs and am still continuing to apply. I have packed and unpacked boxes. I have rearranged and gotten rid of things. I have officially closed a chapter in my “life book” and am starting to write another, very, very soon. I am in no rush to begin this new chapter, because I have a lot of living I want to do this summer before I get serious about adulthood. I have family vacation to look forward to in July, along with an amazing mission trip to Nicaragua at the end of July, which I am stoked about! God has given me a period for my body to rest and rejuvenate, and help find and ease my soul. The past four years of my life have not been the easiest, and I feel as if God is just allowing me to rest and recover, only to come back stronger and even closer to him.

It’s hard not to get discouraged about jobs, but like I said earlier, it’s take over Tuesday, so God… TAKE OVER!!!

stay beautiful! xoxo


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