So the post I had originally planned was deleted because I have something else weighing on my heart. What I Ate Wednesday will just have to wait until next Wednesday. Today started out great, then I took my test. I was not quite sure how I did on my test, but I wasn’t really banking on it to pass the class. But then we got our tests back. I got a 66 on my paper, which is worth 40% of my grade. As of right now I am failing and will not graduate. I am freaking out. Seriously. I broke a record on the versa climber by getting 1000 ft. in 7:44, beating my previous record of 7:51. I can’t even articulate words right now I am so upset. I am forgetting everything I know right now and reading the bible. I am going to trust the Lord on this one because I know he is bigger than any problem I have had, do have, or will ever have. Also, today I am starting to cut for a competition. I am at where I know I should be as far as having muscle, so now I just need to get rid of all this damn fat on my body. Today is monumental in more ways than anyone besides my heavenly father can and will ever understand. Today, Chelsey is back and God is in control.

stay beautiful. xoxo


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