Weekend Recap

Well folks, I don’t even know where to begin. The past three days have been amazing. I am so thankful for my friends and the opportunities I am given to embrace the simplicity and joy of life.

Friday, me and two of my girlfriends, Sue and Ashley, headed to Greenville, NC to visit some friends at ECU (purple and gold!!). We got there kinda late, so we all changed really quick and headed to mi cabana for some Mexican and margaritas. We quickly ate then went to our friends sorority house to get a ride downtown Greenville. We stopped at a frat house on the way and experienced our first liquor keg. Yes, I said liquor keg. Our first stop downtown was stilllife. We then ended the night at fourth.

The next day we just kind of lounged around to sleep it off, haha. Our first move of the day was our friend Matt’s 21st birthday get together at his house, keg included 🙂 We stayed there the majority of the afternoon and night enjoying the company of friends and family. We started to get sleepy, so we new we had to make a move quick, so we picked up our friend Kirsten and headed downtown Raleigh. After taking forever to find a parking spot, we finally made our way into 606. There is way to much to say about our night, but just know it involved a lot of fun, including VIP access, free drinks, and tons and tons of dancing.

Today was the best day though, because we were able to take Ashley’s mom shopping. It was nice to spend some quality time with a woman who has been through what she has. It really reminded me to appreciate the little things in life.

So after ten hours of driving, and probably less sleep than that, I am exhausted, but totally satisfied/happy/excited about my whole weekend.

Stay beautiful!

Theme of the weekend for sureeeee

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