…from a friend in Iraq.

Come and Listen

I was sitting in my hotel room here in the Middle East with my friend Gabriel last night and we began to talk about spiritual things.  We chatted a bit about the trinity and as I was struggling to explain this concept that I am not sure I could clearly explain in English, much less Arabic, I simply said to him.  “You have the book; you must read it for yourself”  “Is it something big and holy if I finish the whole thing?” he replied.  “No”. I told him.  “But if you read it, you will understand.”

That was last night, today I am sitting in my hotel room alone, grateful for the quiet moments as my friend has gone to his home to bring gifts that his mother has purchased for my wife and me.

In honor of this glorious Easter Sunday, today I read each of the 4 gospel accounts of My J’s resurrection, of which the one that speaks to me the most is that written by John, the beloved disciple.  This I believe is because his recording is of personal experiences with My J and so is extremely descriptive and sensory.

At the end of John chapter 20, verse 31 says “but these are written so that you may believe that J is the Christ, the Son of G, and that by believing you may have life in his name.”

After reading this, I then decided to have a time of praise and worship using some of the music I have on my computer. The 4th or 5th song I listened to was called “come and listen”.  The message of the song is simply that, come and listen, come and listen to what He has done. Come and listen to what He has done for you and for me.

That is my prayer today for my friend here and for all who do not know My J. Simply that they would come and listen.  That all might have opportunity to hear what He has done for them.  I hope this resurrection day is a great blessing for you and that you will remember your duty as one who knows what he has done, to tell those who do not know and have not heard.

For The Kingdom.



What an amazing place he is at in his life. He really is serving God with a heart consumed with a fire burning to reach those who are unaware of the magnitude of Jesus Christ’s love. Please pray that he continues to serve God with such a humble and servant driven heart.

I may not be able to change the world, but I serve a God who can

-Michael Heath

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