Happiness is Bliss

being happy

It’s crazy to think that I for so long convinced myself that I wanted to be unhappy. I told myself that that was the only way to get over or move on from things. What I realized from this is that I not only wasted experiences, friendships, and amazing opportunities to succeed in life and help others, I actually bore somewhat of a burden on others. I was recently confronted via Facebook message by a really close friend, whom basically told me that I was acting childish and that I needed to deal with whatever it was that was going on. She said that the negativity and pessimism that I brought to those around me was exhausting. So I finally made a change. I alluded to the feelings of shame, sadness, madness, and sympathy, and embraced the challenge to be happy. It’s all about the choice, because we have a choice every single day whether or not we let circumstances affect our attitude. It feels nice to live life for God and for myself.

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